Sometimes sharing does not mean we are caring. However, as long as you are loving, there will be a meaning...

Ahad, 20 November 2011

at last!!!

my life was so busy lately. ive no time to write.hermm..no wonder most of the time i dono why i feel empty n keep scolding my bf for no reason (im so unfair)..huhu.. n i know why!i didnt express my emo in blog!well!!hello blog!!!miss uu!!! past 2 months i feel like im carrying tonnes of stones! i do love what im doing now n im not going to do it halfway. but some people makes me so tense (know how to talk but reaction=zero).. we asked help but they misun it, thought that we COMMAND. we didnt do it for the sake of appreciation. but at least, never ever call us 'monkey' and use fb to insult us. u didnt do nothing people! but alhamdulillah.. our event is beyond of others expectation. we have broke the history. we manage to prove to them. i still remember when we first time present our event. They simply said thet there's no hope. We felt helpless and really2 down. But we moved. we grow throughout the journey. n thanks a lot to those who support n always be in our side no matter how hard it is to be alone and immature in so many things that we never done. Assignment wise? still got some annoying people but i use to it. we cant expect perfection in others. I have to handle wisely. And another thing that makes me grow (i think so) that, in life, no matter how smart u are, its not good to manipulate others. the intelligence that u have is not yours, not mine, and not even own by other creatures in this world, but own by dear Almighty. Others have right to stand, to understand, to explain, to gain, and to banned u!heheh.. SALAM ;)