Sometimes sharing does not mean we are caring. However, as long as you are loving, there will be a meaning...

Khamis, 22 Disember 2011

sad..happy..dissapointed.. wthell im thinking now..

Exam just around d corner. Preparation? still in sleepy mood..haha.. Somebody please poke me!!!!!!! Instead of having exam's headache, I realize that I will have a great change in my life for the next semester..ya..change a lot i guess.. Sounds yukxx! but ya, I will lose somebody.. No more person who fetch me after class, person who will treat me lunch when i have pact classes, person who will accompany me to shopping mall (buying gurls' stuff), person who will scold me when i do things in a wrong track, person who will listen to my endless problems, person who will support me whatever i gone through.. ya.. (suddenly im so jiwang) haha... he will leave me next month.. bye2 dear.. im not goin to embarrass you but you did cry right when you first time left me for a looong holiday few months ago. I saw your teary eyes.. And i cried as well.. So who will make us calm if both of us are crying! Make sure you wont repeat the same thing when you left me for the second time. Promise k? (both silent)...

Khamis, 8 Disember 2011

Dare MYself to TrY

I had challenge myself to start up business since i love to see those fashionable items in store, As a mUSLIMAh, there is no more limits for us to be stylish and beautiful in the way we want ourselves to be as long as we know our religious boundaries. I was so inspired my Hana Tajima and part of my collections are some Hana's inspired Muslimah's Fashion! Well dear, if u r interested, just add our official fb profile 'ALFAHREY GANG'. Or just drop ur inquiries in shoutmix widget. Do not worry as I will remain my blog as my 'public dairy' as well coz I know as bloggers, we love to share right? well, keep in touch! Muah! ;)

pumpkin closet

pumpkin closet


Sometimes i questioned myself. Am I do the right thing? Then i judge myself, ya, sometimes we have to be cruel and harsh. People using you for their own benefit! They only chasing you when they know they have to. But how about things that nothing to do with them ( but actually got to do with them) They put all the burden to you while they are enjoying their latte and cappucino in Starbucks!! That was so hurt dude! Speaks louder than action! What the @#$&$@#!Opps! Sorry..I cant control my anger with this kind of puppets.. And, it seems doesn't make sense at all when the person in the group don't even know that they are being used by their own friends! Ya Allah, hope things will change soon.. God is fair.. wHat goes around comes around ...

Ahad, 4 Disember 2011

pumpkin closet

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Ahad, 27 November 2011

I Love u Abah!

Since my grandma passed away (all of sudden), i realize that everyone u love will leave u anytime,anywhere. I still remember 3 days after my grandma passed away, all my family members slept in the living room and I slept beside my dad. I had bad dreams on that night and my dad woke up. He fondled my forehead and whispered to me, asked me to sleep back. I felt like i went back to my kids world coz at that time, i was already 20 years old. i felt so calm and continue my sleep. Actually my father divorced when i was small or in the other words, still blur about the world. He took care of us and he is my idol. His love has no boundaries. Instead of pray for him, I will text him before sleep with this words 'tq abah.iloveu.good n8'. Coz i scared if i cant text like that to him anymore on the next day. At least you dont text your parents for the sake of money only or when you are in trouble. There's no point if you regret when they already gone....